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High Off Life, LLC. is a Lifestyle Brand and Entertainment Company. Established in 2009, the company set out to become a premier independent platform for music, clothing, and live events. By focusing on creating and providing unique online content while partnering with proven brands across the country, the company website (http://www.HighOffLife.com) found itself pulling in over 2 million hits within the first year of launch.

The founding principle of High Off Life encourages positivity and inspiration; living one’s life with a natural sense of purpose. In a world where negativity plagues the news, where struggle is widespread, it’s a constant battle to overcome adversity and embrace individuality. Our brand represents that hope & determination. We’ve introduced various clothing designs to the marketplace, allowing our growing tribe of like-minded individuals to help speak our theory loud & clear.


High Off Life has stood strong as the primary brand & backing for Hip-Hop Recording artist Phene, helping elevate him from a relatively small town artist to national spotlights on MTV Networks, music festivals such as A3C, SXSW, & more.

Through savvy online-marketing campaigns, specifically geared towards grassroots niche’ based followers, we’ve facilitated efforts that have accumulated over 30,000 digital downloads & 150,000+ Youtube views of Phene’s music since 2009. With a Do-It-Yourself approach, we’ve shot & edited Music Videos, Photoshoots, designed E-mail Marketing Campaigns & Press Releases; all tactics in which we create in-house on an as needed basis. Each client we take on is dissected carefully, as strategies are put in place to cater to each person(s) unique situation and direction as a brand.

Our resident DJ, Dub Floyd has released mixtape projects with recognizable brands such as The Boondocks Animated Series, IMKING Clothing, Kanye West, & more. Through consistently raising the bar with quality blends & remixes, Dub was awarded Rookie Of The Year at the 11th Annual Justo Mixtape Awards in NYC. The accolades & respect amongst his peers landed him a weekly slot on League Crew Radio’s Mixshow on SiriusXM (Hip-Hop Nation). Def Jam recording artist Big KRIT took notice & sought out Dub’s services to create the Introduction Music for his 2012 International Tour, “Live From The Underground.” Various services are available to clients such as scratches, mixtapes and hosting, tour introductions, & even custom dance/cheer mixes.


Creating, mapping out, and executing ideas for Live Events has been our Company’s backbone from the beginning. We’ve had our hand in over 50 separate events since 2009, maintaining a presence throughout multiple regions. Often partnering with nightclubs & performance venues, our brand has been associated with the Tuner Evolution Car Show, along with corporate sponsors like Scion, Nokia, & more. On different occasions, we’ve collaborated with the New Hope Academy Charter School in York, PA to create events directed towards youth following their dreams. For the students that were interested in the entertainment industry, we hosted a Music Business Seminar in 2012 with a panel of Platinum selling producers, record label executives, & recording artist Maino of Atlantic Records.

As a separate business venture, we were hired as the in-house promoters for Café Istanbul in Kennesaw, GA. Located just miles from the Kennesaw State University Campus, we were able to transform their Thursday Nights into a weekly hot spot. A detailed marketing plan was put in place as we distributed over 20,000 physical flyers within a 10 mile radius. Over a six month span, the establishment’s sales increased by 15%.


From day one, our original aim was to capture a positive lifestyle not only through our actions, but also through our clothing. Representing an ideal such as High Off Life is truly a ‘fashion statement’. We started out of the trunk in Pennsylvania & have grown to a fully functional online store. Our brand has been seen at major events throughout the music industry, and we’ve also sponsored sporting events & even Zumbathon’s. We abide by the following principle; first appearance is what people remember you by, so make sure it’s something worthwhile! Give them something to remember!

-The Boondocks TV Show (Mixtape Series with DJ Dub Floyd)
-Def Jam/Big Krit
-MTV Networks
-A3C Music Festival
-New Hope Academy Charter School
-Tuner Evolution Car Show / Scion

To inquire on any of our services, please reach out to us directly at HOLContent@gmail.com


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